I work in algebraic combinatorics as well as geometric and categorical representation theory.


In 2020 I completed my Ph.D. in geometric representation theory. My thesis studied the combinatorics of perfect bases through the geometry of the loop Grassmannian. I was supervised by Joel Kamnitzer at the University of Toronto (et quelques fois a L'IHP).

In 2021 I was at the Institute for Advanced Study as a member of the special year program on geometric and modular representation theory. My mentor was Geordie Williamson.

Currently I am at the University of Southern California as a Reasearch-track Assistant Professor and NSERC Postdoctoral Scholar. My mentors are Sami Assaf and Aaron Lauda.

In Summer 2023 I visited Hugh Thomas at LaCIM and Oded Yacobi at SMRI.

Here is my detailed CV.